NES Music Orchestrated – Castlevania – Stage 01 ( Vampire Killer )

NES Music Orchestrated – Castlevania – Stage 01 ( Vampire Killer ) This is one of many tracks from the first classic NES game Castlevania (watch the end). I try to stay as true to the original as possible to capture the feel of the original game, but improve the realism with modern Orchestral Sample librairies.

The main librairies I use in my remakes are: East West – Hollywood Orchestra Gold Orchestral Tools – Metropolis Ark 1 Native Instruments – Symphony Essentials Strings Performance Samples – Caspian Brass Musical Sampling – Soaring Strings and Trailer Brass Impact Soundwork – Rhapsody Orchestral Percussions Soundiron – Apocalypse Percussion Elements Versilian Studios – Etheralwind Harp II 8 Dio – Majestica If you have any question about the sample librairies or other topics, don’t hesitate to comment.

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I’m a Canadian, from Quebec. I have been playing a lot of videogames when I was younger, and was always hooked by the music and soundtracks. Although the sounds were kinda cheesy, you could still feel the vibe of the tracks. Now that technology allows it, I decided to remake some of my favorite old games soundtracks the way I always heard them in my head:) Hope they bring back some good memories:)

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