Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, a hit top-down arcade zombie shooter now available on Nintendo Switch

The zombie hordes from Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, a top-down arcade shooter, have just started their invasion on Nintendo Switch. So, gear up, build up those barricades, and show the living dead that this one is not going down easily

You have one job and one job only – to stay alive for as long as possible. The way you do it? Up to you. Feeling safer with several lines of defensive barricades all around you? Fine. Prefer big guns and barrage fire? Go for it. Think the best survival strategy is to combine the two? Great. Just make sure that whatever you do, those nasty creatures will regret the day they met you.

The game is now available on Nintendo eShop ( at a price of $4,99 and with a 10% discount

Check out our video from the Xbox version

Check this out!

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