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PileUp! The Review

Pile up! ticks all the right boxes as a family-friendly cooperative 3D platformer for 1 to 4 players! Jump up, slide down, play together and carry the load! Coordinate with your friends or rely on your own creativity to navigate a colorful cardboard world full of uniquely joyful levels, where you encounter the friendliest boxes you have ever seen!
This Family-friendly and kids-friendly game is unique, there no competition, you don’t die when you fall into the water, you just have fun solving the little puzzle and get to the next level, alone or together.
All levels and passages are well thought and super cute!
We had the chance to get our hands on this game thanks to HandyGames a THQ Nordic family member.
This is our honest review!

Author Details
I am passionate about “Heroic Fantasy” and “Beat Them all” games on Nintendo Game System (I hate SEGA). Now that I am old, I love retro gaming, since I don’t have much time. Feels good to watch endings though…
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