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PDP Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller for PS5, PS4, PC

Overview of the PDP Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller

The Pro BFG is a PlayStation esports controller that has won multiple awards in both gaming and tech, such as Best Gaming Accessory (Shacknews), Best Modular Controller (Esquire), Best Gaming Accessory (Gamespot), and the 2023 iF Design Award.

The Mode Switch allows players to easily switch between PS5, PS4, and PC (using X input) devices for wireless and wired compatibility while maintaining high quality audio.Immerse yourself in the highest audio quality through the audio jack, compatible with Sony PS5 3D Audio

The Left Module has the ability to flip 180°, allowing for customization of the standard PlayStation stick configuration and offset sticks. Fans of fighting games have the option to use the Fight Pad module, which allows them to replace the Right Stick with six microswitch buttons.

To optimize your gaming experience, ensure you download the Victrix Control Hub App for PC to install the firmware update. This update boosts battery life to an impressive 20 hours and enhances wireless stability. Additionally, with the app, you can customize back buttons, remap face buttons, adjust trigger dead zones, diagnose issues, and fix stick drift, among other features. Upgrade now to elevate your gameplay to new heights!

The controller features four mappable back buttons and multi-position clutch triggers. Back buttons can be mapped using the LED Profile Button, and up to 3 profiles can be saved and stored on the controller. The clutch triggers have patented technology with 5 stopping points for customizable tuning.

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