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Senpaihinotama Twitch

My name is senpaihinotama I was born in North Carolina, but now I live in Louisiana. I’m a variety streamer you could also call me J or JJ I love anime, I sing (on the side), I’m 17. Gaming is my passion and I love talking and having fun with people so this is what […]
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DCViper Twitch Channel

Part time twitch streamer with a consistent schedule.I stream every day for at least 4-5 hours. I play Fortnite and RuneScape but I’m also open to playing other games or streaming different content. I’m a United States Army Soldier as well

DangerousTurtleTV Twitch Channel

Hello, Turtles! 🐢 I am part-time Twitch streamer who has a passion for playing video games. I grew up playing games like Sonic, Metal Gear Solid, Madden, DOOM, and Duke Nukem. I have a passion for creativity as well. All graphic designs and video editing were created by me. I strive to increase the production […]

MoopSharkc Twitch Channel

A dreamer that’s super passionate about playing video games since I was a wee shark. I stream a variety of other games occasionally but my main focus currently is Warhammer: Vermintide 2, it’s a fast paced action fantasy game where every session is different from your last and integrating viewers into your game makes the journey […]

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