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Resident Evil Jill Ending

Here is a game that has marked minds! Especially mine and yours, too, probably. Don’t lie to yourself! Have you noticed that some people open the doors in a strange way? They gently turn the handle, let the door open by itself and wait for 1 to 2 seconds before entering? Well, this generation was affected by the “Resident Evil” syndrome. True Story!

This game has traumatized a whole generation who have waited until adulthood to replay Resident Evil again in front of their kid not to be afraid. Shame on you!
I’m not better, I admit I wait for my big brother to be there to play “Dead Space” that I never finished by the way (too scary). If a player wants to send us the ending, our team will be delighted.

Anyway, this game is a “masterpiece” both graphically and at the gameplay level.
Our contributors OG_eluminel_et_cledus have taken the trouble to film the whole game just for you guys!

The end of the game above for people who only want to see the ending video of Jill. We will publish (probably) in an article with the video of end of this Dude(I forgot his name …) Chris Redfield, that’s it!

For the rest leave us your comments and share your feelings or your favorite scenes!

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