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Survival exploration game Nira is releasing in Early Access tomorrow

After over 3 years of development, survival exploration game Nira is finally set to release in Steam Early Access tomorrow. A new launch trailer reveals a set of new features, including a questing system, merchants and 4 player drop-in drop-out coop. The game now also features a leveling and skills system. On the Steam page, […]

Space Haven enters early access as one of the top wishlisted upcoming games on Steam

The Earth is dying, ravaged by decades of calamity. As humanity abandons its burning homeworld, you and your crew are among the privileged few with access to a temporary haven and a chance at survival. Build your ship and gather your crew to carry you between the stars. Choose whether you’ll be heroes or villains […]

Prepare for Hardspace: Shipbreaker Early Access launch on June 16 with the Gameplay Overview Trailer!

Expand and upgrade your arsenal of high-tech salvaging tools in a sci-fi sandbox From the tools at your disposal, their best use-cases, to how to make the most money from every ship you’re sent to cut apart, learn everything there is to know to be a successful spaceship salvager. Hidden dangers, valuable logs, and the deep history […]
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