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The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors to release in North America on 15th October on PS4 and Switch

ININ Games, a publishing label of United Games Entertainment GmbH, is pleased to announce The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors, Taito’s iconic and classic beat ‘em up arcade hit is only two weeks away from North and South America release. Already highly acclaimed in Europe from its earlier release, the long wait for American gamers […]

The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors – Review

The Ninjas are back! It’s been so long since I was waiting for a beat’em all like this one. Do you remember the first one back in 1994 on Snes? I do! Man, I’m old! Ninja Warriors was my favorite game at the time. And now I have the privilege to review this one, thanks […]
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