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Big Blue Bubble and Skybound Entertainment’s Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail Launches Worldwide

Canadian game developer Big Blue Bubble and multiplatform content company Skybound Entertainment has launched its action-packed mobile game Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail worldwide to coincide with the streaming debut of the accompanying Super Dinosaur animated series on Amazon Prime Video. Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail is based on Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard’s Skybound/Image comic book that follows 10-year-old genius Derek Dynamo and his T-Rex best friend Super Dinosaur as they protect the planet against evil.

The officially-licensed Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail game pits the series’ beloved characters against legions of interdimensional adversaries in strategic arena-based combat. The family-friendly title dives into the expansive universe of Super Dinosaur, exploring colorful environments from the franchise and giving players the chance to play as both fan-favorite heroes and dastardly villains.

“Bringing the immersive and engaging world of Super Dinosaur to a mobile gaming experience has been a highlight for our team,” said Damir Slogar, CEO of Big Blue Bubble. “With all it’s action-packed content, fun characters and exciting storyline, we know the entire family will love this title.”


  –   180 Challenging Levels – Take on a wide range of tough missions in 3 difficulty tiers.
  –   Dozens of Characters – Recruit your favorite series characters, from lovable SD to nefarious Max Maximus.
  –   Upgradeable Abilities – Each character has an arsenal of unique abilities for players to customize and upgrade.
  –   Competitive Arena – Battle head-to-head against real players to raise your rank and earn dino-rrific rewards.
  –   Daily Missions & Events – Log in daily for new missions, events, and special offers.

Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail is free to download worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit

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