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Elysium Trails Stealth Out Now on Meta Quest 2 and Steam

Filotimo Innovations LLC, an independent development studio, is launching Elysium Trials today. It is a skill-based fantasy shooter on rails available on Meta Quest 2 and Steam.

Elysium Trials is an on-rails shooter set in a fantasy world, where strategic enemy defeat is an important aspect of the gameplay.

In champion difficulty, players will face tough competition and should be cautious of dragons. They can utilize powerful lightning magic with intelligence, tackle various challenging trials accompanied by epic music, and receive rewards upon unlocking new weapon models and skins.

Players can enjoy three different difficulty modes, compete on leaderboards, and use strategic thinking to defeat enemies and bosses. As a chosen warrior, you will need to complete trials and skillfully execute combos to extract essence from dishonored legions.

The product has various characteristics.

  • In the skill-based shooter, players can execute combos with speed and precision to exploit enemy weaknesses and earn bonus essence.
  • Utilize powerful lighting magic strategically, particularly in champion mode, to enhance your intellect and strategy.
  • Experience unique trials where you can battle eight different enemies in various worlds, including dragons.
  • Players can earn new weapon models/skins and unlock higher difficulty tiers with new rules as a rewarding progression.
  • Players can choose from 3 different difficulty modes, including a challenging Champion mode, to cater to all skill levels.
  • Players can compete on leaderboards using a scoring system to track progress and strive for high scores through strategic gameplay.

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