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Fallen Tear: The Ascension coming to PC

Developer Winter Crew premiered the first full trailer for Fallen Tear: The Ascension, a narrative-focused 2D metroidvania coming to PC, with further platforms to be announced. Explore, bond with new friends, make choices, and fight to save a vast magical world on the brink of destruction by the gods.
Centuries after the end of a devastating war between the gods, the fantastical world of Raoah is suffering and dying in its wake. The last hope for salvation resides in the forgotten past of Hira, a boy veiled in secrets and mystery. Find answers, allies, and an antidote to the coming calamity as you adventure as Hira through these once-paradisal lands. The end is coming, but you don’t have to face it alone: form complex bonds with new friends along the way, each with their own stories and quests to tackle as you strive to recruit them to your cause.
In Fallen Tear: The Ascension, learning the fast dance of combat and traversal is key as you’ll face myriad beasts, bosses, and even the gods themselves across a multitude of impressive but dangerous interconnected biomes. Choose your own path from the outset as you explore, uncover secrets, solve puzzles, and recruit friends to support your journey through a reactive open-world.

  • Explore an open and constantly changing world that reacts to the choices you make.
  • Unleash Hira’s secret weapon and transform into his all-powerful ultimate form.
  • A first-class cast of voice talent brings every character, creature, boss, and story moment to life.
  • Find refuge in The Temple of Oras where you can craft new weapons, upgrade abilities, acquire new quests, and bond over a meal. Each new ally brings new opportunities!
  • Welcome help from friends with the unique and interchangeable bond summoning system.
  • Save Raoah your way with customizable playstyles, abilities, and dwelling layout.
  • Delight in the gorgeous hand-drawn 2D art and animation, and the immersive soundtrack composed by Lukas Piel.

Fallen Tear: The Ascension, the debut game from Winter Crew, is bringing its unique blend of narrative, action, exploration, and choice to PC (further platforms TBA) when it’s ready.

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