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Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, announces the launch of the first beta test for its next generation 4x strategy game GRAND CROSS W. Starting today through August 29 UTC, players can experience the all-new strategy simulation game by downloading the app on Google Play (Android) and PC.
Special rewards including Castle Skin, Portrait Frame and Name Frame will be offered for participating in the beta and completing in-game missions. These rewards will be provided to players during the game’s grand launch. Players can subscribe to the official GRAND CROSS W YouTube channel for more information on the beta test, including a recently released promotional video and guides.
In GRAND CROSS W, battles have erupted across the world of Skyna from the invading armies of Chaos. Players will join forces with the main hero Layla, as they build armies, construct buildings, and train troops in an effort to restore the war-torn territory. Battles can be won by summoning heroes from other worlds (the Transcendents of GRAND CROSS) and using the magical power of Lapis.
The game features large-scale, real-time, immersive siege wars across land and air. Several game modes will be available for all players to enjoy including Single Player stages, World (Field) and Capturing, Castle War, Server vs. Server War, Story Chapters and Territory Expansion, and Territory Customization. Lead multiple troop-types to win battles such as Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Combat Engineers. Ranged archers and air units add a new strategic component to the game and can turn the tide of the war. Long-range combat allows players to attack across rivers, while air units are capable of crossing tall mountain ranges.
The complete version of GRAND CROSS W will be available on Android, iOS and PC devices in the future. More information on GRAND CROSS W can be found on the official Facebook page.

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