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Future’s Folktales: Hopper Quest for iOS and Android

Saudi company, Manga Productions has announced that Future’s Folktales: Hopper Quest has been soft-launched on Android and  iOS in Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Philippines, and Mexico.

This story-driven arcade runner is based on the original Saudi Arabian–Japanese anime Future’s Folktales co-produced by Manga Productions and Toei Animation. Set in Riyadh in the year 2050, the plot revolves around a family where the grandmother “Asmaa” who chronicles folktales from the Arabian Peninsula to her three grandchildren to help them navigate their daily dilemmas.

According to Dr. Essam Bukhary, CEO of Manga Productions: “Future’s Folktales: Hopper Quest will bring the charm of the original anime series to new audiences. We look forward to releasing the game in other territories once the team has tested its performance in the selected countries.”

Future’s Folktales: Hopper Quest challenges users to beat each level to unlock stories and narrative moments. Explore the stages with more than 20 characters, each with special skills and abilities to overcome obstacles in unique levels.


  • More than 20 characters with unique and powerful abilities.
  • Play with three characters to unlock stories and narrative moments.

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