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New Personal Training Experience ‘TrainR’ Coming to VR in 2022

Get ready to experience personal training in a revolutionary new way in VR. TrainR introduces an immersive and innovative full body program where you can work out together with your own virtual artificial intelligent trainer, from the safety and comfort of your own home. It’s set to launch for all popular VR devices in early 2022.
“There are some great VR exercise games out there, however none offer a complete personal training program that fully helps you to train all muscle groups”, said Ronnie Nelis, creator of TrainR. “With TrainR we want to bring an even more personal and interactive training experience. We believe the virtual trainer can make a real connection with the user, and thus motivate you to stay fit in a completely new way.”
TrainR  has been built up from the ground in Unreal Engine 4, delivering users a high-quality realistic experience as they work out in a fully immersive 3D gym. The life-like virtual trainers can be customized with +400 customization options. 

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