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34BigThings is proud to reveal the first moving images for their next hyper-fast space shooter game, “Redout: Space Assault”. A new batch of in-engine screenshots has also been posted on Steam. Development has now entered alpha stage.

“The game’s concept has grown much since we first envisioned it,” says Valerio Di Donato, the studio’s CEO and one of Redout: Space Assault’s Game Directors “and we are especially thankful for a lot of great feedback that we have received from our community. We have opened a dedicated Discord where our fans can communicate with us, and their opinions and wisdom have allowed our game to become better and better!”.

“The game’s initial focus on tactical combat has slightly shifted, in favor of a more dynamic approach,” says Giuseppe Enrico Franchi, the studio’s Lead Game Designer: “We have been increasingly granting more and more attention to satisfying gunplay and adrenaline-pumping speed, giving the game a more immediate, arcade feel. We did not forget what made Redout great and we want Space Assault to be just as thrilling.”.

Redout: Space Assault is expected to release in the first quarter of 2019 for Windows PCs.

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