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The rising popularity of survival games is easy to understand; fighting to be alive is deep rooted in the human DNA. The games give you an opportunity to explore creativity through hard and almost impossible situations. The difficulty levels make it thrilling and exciting for gamers; there is satisfaction in victory at the end of the day. Survival games push you to limits with unimaginable challenges hence triggering your creativity. A good example is shown on our last mobile zombie game.

The popularity of these games has led to a significant increase in their number. Therefore, it is important to identify the best games in the genre. Whether you like the zombies, dinosaurs, deep underground, stars, or monster setting, you will love these. If you want to learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse, here is a compilation of the top survival games on PC with the best survival experiences.

This excels among all other chase and catch survival games. It is not only about fighting with bodily functions, diseases, and zombies across walls, you have a chance to explore the deep environment. DayZ is played two or three people that you have to proceed with caution. The huge risks and task in the game is coming across a gang where everything can go horribly wrong. Your camping escapade will have to include fighting with the bandits who might bleach you and take off with your can-opener. You should also pay attention to your symptoms because sickness can easily kill you; water and food are crucial in DayZ.

With Minecraft, survival is not all about grueling oppression, punishment, and murdering anyone that comes in your wat. The game launches with a colorful, fun, and creative sandbox. Survival is more interesting in this game because your enemies are cartoons. In as much as the zombies will pounce on you and scratch your face whenever you remain stagnant or make a wrong move, they make you cute. The scratches are full of color and peelings that makes the game interesting. Survival tactics are endless in this game, you can choose to use weapons and explore the most dangerous zone or play defense-style game. Also, remember to eat regularly.

Canon Exiles
If you like a familiar environment then you will love this game courtesy of a licensed IP. Its development was inspired by success and popularity of games like DayZ. It is all about avoiding death and featuring in Hyborian Age where everything is magical. Canon Exiles runs on Dark Souls 3 hence a favorite for PC gamers.

The familiar setting makes this game interesting. You begin with choosing an area of settlement where you have to build and grow crops. While you can interact with neighbors who practice the same economic activity, you have to consider them as enemies. Therefore, always have your club to knock enemies down. It is survival for the fittest. Human sacrifice element in this game distinguishes it among all other games in this genre. If you are able to wrestle, drag someone to the altar and butcher them, you obtain favor from the gods, which means more power.

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