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RPG, Broken Roads, is scheduled to release on PC and Xbox on November 14th

The independent game studio Drop Bear Bytes, in partnership with Versus Evil, has announced that their upcoming isometric RPG Broken Roads will be released on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on November 14th. Broken Roads is a role-playing game that combines exploration, strategic turn-based combat, and philosophical decision-making set in a unique post-apocalyptic Australian setting.

Broken Roads incorporates a mix of traditional and new role-playing elements, along with a classless system that allows for extensive character development options based on four philosophies: Humanist, Utilitarian, Machiavellian, and Nihilist. Additionally, the game features a unique morality system called the Moral Compass, where dialogue choices and quest decisions are influenced by and influence a character’s philosophical stance and the difficult choices they make throughout the game.

The locations in Broken Roads are authentically recreated based on the team’s visits to towns and landmarks in West Australia, where they took photos, videos, and audio recordings to ensure accuracy.

Additionally, the game’s atmospheric soundtrack, composed by Tim Sunderland, utilizes instruments made from everyday objects, creating a unique and distinctive tone for the game.

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