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House Party THE DEREK UPDATE is released

The new Derek update is here! House Party Version 0.17.3 is now live and in it is a ton of new content to explore and enjoy. This update is packed with some sweet new game mechanics and plenty of polish to keep the game experience clean and enjoyable. 

As a big highlight, Derek gets a lot of love in this newly expanded storyline (featuring fresh achievements and two new opportunities) resulting in a full, repeatable, and very steamy intimacy reward. Check out some of the other big highlights now live in this update. 

What’s in the Liquor Cabinet is Now Up for Grabs
What goes better with intimacy than copious amounts of alcohol? Probably nothing, so House Party now has added opportunities for allowing players to get their hands on booze around the party. Frank and Leah have had a major rework of their alcohol behaviors and we made it so all the booze in the liquor cabinet can now be interacted with.

New Wardrobe
Also in this update, Derek, Patrick, and Vickie, all have had wardrobe revamps, so if you see them around the party they may look a little snazzier. Enjoy seeing the three of them with some extra style!

New Autosave Feature!
An awesome quality of life change comes with this update, too. If you’re tired of getting halfway through the game, forgetting to save, and then getting pummeled by Frank and losing all your progress, then you’re going to love this update because we introduced an autosave feature. Enjoy the peace of mind of not losing your progress anymore if you piss somebody off or decide to take some of that sweet, sweet alcohol from Frank’s guarded stash. Let’s not forget our favorite new features in this update: Urination and the bladder meter. Yes, you heard that right. Pissing is now a real thing. Wield your new pissing powers and cause all kinds of mayhem, and literally get into a pissing contest with your favorite NPC!

In addition to all the exciting new features, Eek! Games development team has included loads of under the hood performance updates with this new version. One of the first updates you’ll notice is that there is a brand new “Memories” tab in the in-game Opportunity Window to help you navigate House Party’s complex storyline. 

New Game Features: 

  • Two new Derek opportunities and Achievements, one of which results in a full, repeatable intimacy reward
  • New clothing for Derek, Patrick, and Vickie 
  • Added an autosave feature
  • All booze in the liquor cabinet can now be interacted with, and Frank and Leah have had a major rework of their alcohol-related behaviors 
  • Added the urination and bladder meter features 
  • Updates to intimacy animations, offsets, and male-male intimacy aesthetics

Performance Improvements

  • User Interface Updates: added the “Memories” tab in the Opportunity Window, added a “Character Select” UI (for later use)
  • Improved main menu language selection on the User Interface
  • Loads of bug fixes for existing content and older features/mechanics, and numerous tweaks to reduce linearity across existing content paths
  • New features and improvements in the CSC for Custom Story Creators

House Party is currently available on Steam Early Access for $24.99

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