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Long-awaited tactical top-down shooter, Police Stories, is coming out

Developer Mighty Morgan Studios and publisher HypeTrain Digital announced the release date for Police Stories. The game will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 19th for $14,99.

Police Stories is a top-down tactical shooter, in which you play as on-duty police officers. Create a unique loadout from multiple equipment choices and carefully coordinate actions with your partner to fulfill your task.

Unlike similar games, placement and behavior of suspects and hostages in Police Stories changes on each run, recreating the tension of real life police operations, where the outcome cannot be predetermined. No matter how many times you play the same mission, each encounter will have you making split-second decisions, since shooting first is not an option.

Live through the story of John Rimes, a stone-cold no-nonsense police officer – and his new partner, a loud-mouthed & brash rookie cop Rick Jones. The game follows the daily grind of  two partners and friends – and what happens when they go against criminal forces bigger than they could imagine.

Main features of the game include:

The Surrender System. Apprehend the suspects without resorting to violence. Use a multitude of options or fire a warning shot to make them submit!
Tactical orders. Issue orders to your fellow officer to coordinate your actions!
Randomized positions and behavior. Random elements help to always keep the tension up and boost the replayability of the game.
End-of-the-line tactical equipment. Under-the-door cameras, door blast charges, sensor grenades — these are only some of the available options.
Various types of lawbreakers. From small petty criminals to well organized gangs and terrorists — each type has not only unique weapons, but different behavior and shooting proficiency.
Online and local Co-op. Take your tactical gameplay to the next level by playing with your friend!
Thrilling criminal drama. Engaging story of two buddies — John Rimes and Rick Jones, —  and their stand against the criminal world.

You can wishlist Police Stories on Steam now:

Or pre-purchase it in Nintendo eShop:

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