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Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has announced the final test for PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME. Its upcoming free-to-play PC Action MOBA game will add even more new content when it runs from November 10 to November 21 (UTC+9).

The final test for PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME will let players experience all of the heroes to hone their skills throughout this final test. Through the test, players can now find various heroes including Aurora, Howitzer, Gadget, Serath, Dekker, and fan-favorite heroes from the Epic Game’s original Paragon Khaimera, The Fey, and Wraith.

Competitive Mode will test players to prove their level each season. A max of 2 players can join together to level up against the opposition. Players can earn in-game currency, Renar, for free through normal play, including 10,000 Renar when a daily mission is completed. Selected costumes that can be purchased with Kima, paid in-game currency, can also be acquired with Renar to try out and suit up your favorite Hero, limitedly just for this final test.

An all-new map, Aginis of Light, has been added including an enlarged minimap so players can play more strategically with a glance of the map. Players will also find a new Item Index with an optimized lobby design for added quality of life improvements.

In addition, the Tutorial and Training Grounds modes have also been restructured based on feedback. In Tutorials, players can now adopt the game and obtain various rewards based on the stage, while Training Grounds can now be accessed with any hero to find one that fits each player’s taste.

For full details and starting times players can visit PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME now on Epic Games Store as well as Steam. To stay up to date with all PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME  news and updates follow the official brand websiteDiscord, and Twitter.

PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME is a team-based TPS Action MOBA that anyone can play for free on PC. Players are engaged in 5v5 play while working with teammates to conquer the Prime battlefield. The game celebrates strategic actions and fast-paced battles by two teams aiming to eliminate the opponents’ territories. Players can choose from one of the many powerful heroes utilizing their unique skills – Warrior, Support, Ranger, Caster, Tank, and Assassin.

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