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Oracle Trials’ On STEAM™

 Indie game developer and publisher Termeno Studios is proud to announce the worldwide release of Oracle Trials, a retro-inspired platformer now on STEAM™ featuring cute vector-art visuals combined with cool particle effects and colorful animations.

Oracle Trials challenges you to play as King Leonidas on a mission to regain the stolen power of the ancient Oracle and defeat the Evil Phalanx tribe. Featuring an Ancient Greek theme full of gods, demi-gods, spirits and heroes, you are the only hope for success! Each level within the game takes you back in time shedding nuggets about Oracles as you play. Collect gems to achieve the highest possible score and fight to ultimately restore peace by overcoming evil foes.

Oracle Trials is 2D arcade-action at its best and is just the beginning of a new series of games with a mission-pack in the works offering even more platforming fun. With its pure gameplay, intuitive controls and cute and adorable cartoony vector art graphics, fans of the genre will instantly feel at home. Fight a variety of fierce enemies as you play, overcome obstacles such as lava, swamps, and spikes, and jump on opponent heads to reach otherwise unapproachable locations with bonuses! Treasure chests can be found and must be unlocked, but be wary of levers triggering various expected – and quite unexpected – effects! 

Oracle Trials offers a polished retro game with superb attention to detail. Offering a tutorial, an introduction, leaderboards and choice of level to play, the game is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels seeking a fun and addictive casual game.  

  • 2D Arcade-Action Fun
  • Gem Collecting
  • Gods, Demi-Gods, Spirits & Heroes
  • Pure Addictive Gameplay
  • Cute & Adorable
  • Challenging & Difficult
  • Cartoony Visuals
  • Tutorial & Leaderboard

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