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Uncover the mysteries of charming Woodland Park in puzzle-adventure ‘Memory’ on STEAM

Memory challenges your protagonist to spend summer in the quaint little town of Woodland Park, a beautiful cozy retreat far away from the stress of modern life. Your adventure begins as you settle at your Grandmother’s house and set out to explore your surroundings. Little by little you realize that history long forgotten comes to surface […]

Stylish minimalist puzzler Reky launches today for PC & Android

Greek developer beyondthosehills and publisher Plug In Digital are launching reky, a game of elegantly designed logic challenges, today on PC and Mac (Steam and and Android. In reky fresh technical drawing aesthetics meet elegantly designed logic challenges in this minimalist puzzle title with just a dash of colour. A logic puzzle game, Reky marries […]

New Trailer for Vehicle Building, Puzzle Platformer ‘Making it Home’

Making it Home is a vehicle building, puzzle platforming game coming to Steam Early Access this Summer. You’re a ladybug building a marvellous contraption to travel from one side of America to the other. Bounce around your vehicle, hoisting sails, squeezing bellows, and spinning propellers. How will you make it home? Design and engineer your […]

Hidden Oxygen, an atom arranger puzzle game, will launch June 27th, 2020 on Android devices

Today, Meek Bits is pleased to announce Hidden Oxygen, an original atom arranger puzzle game. In Hidden Oxygen there’s only one solution and it can be found by using deductive logic alone. Has the player stuck, Hidden Oxygen can offer a plain line of reasoning explaining the process of figuring out the next move. The […]
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