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‘An Egg Can Dream’ – An egg themed physics based 3D platformer releases tomorrow on Steam!

Floor Chicken’s upcoming game, An Egg Can Dream, is releasing on PC via Steam tomorrow, May 20th. The game will require players to master the art of rolling around and platforming across gaps and objects in a plan to save your family and escape from evil.
In An Egg Can Dreamthe player takes control of an egg and rolls their way through levels to live out their dreams. In order to complete their quest they will need to roll around, make humongous leaps across platforms and from object to object. They will need to be careful though as every jump and bump takes its toll on the egg and it will visibly show cracks as it edges closer and closer to cracking and dying.
Upon release the game will be available for sale for $9.99 USD but will be discounted by 10% for the first week of sale to celebrate the release of the game.
Tony Pepperoni, Founder of Floor Chicken said:
“After many months of hard work we’re proud to release the game out into the wild for the public to get their hands on. We’ve accomplished a lot and after many ups and downs throughout the cycle we are proud of the final product.”

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