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Oculus Quest Fan-Favorite Virtual Reality PvP Shooter, Blaston, Available on Steam

Blaston, one of the highest rated virtual reality games on the Oculus Quest platform, is now available on Steam for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and other headsets (trailer here), Resolution Games announced today. The popular VR studio with a diverse portfolio of 12 titles including Cook-Out: A Sandwich TaleAcron: Attack of the Squirrels!, and Bait! also rolled out a substantial update to the futuristic dueling game across platforms that includes its much-anticipated spectator mode. Also in this update, the Ozo Lounge, a place within the game for players to congregate that was previously under construction and open to only a handful of players, is now open for business to all players 24/7 with several new features. 

“When we launched Blaston, we had high hopes that the community would come together with this game, but their skill, sportsmanship and dedication has greatly surpassed our wildest expectations,” said Mathieu Castelli, Resolution Games’ chief creative officer. “Players are spending hours in the game honing their skills – and endurance! -, learning new tricks to improve their strategy, finding their strengths and weaknesses, and really defining their play style as individuals.”

Among other feature updates, spectator mode is one the community has been especially excited about and one that the development team has had on the roadmap for quite some time. To continue to build and expand the Blaston community, spectator mode (currently in its infancy with more updates to come) now allows up to eight players to watch live friendly matches via a room code and is free to all players that own the game.

“We are really looking forward to spectator mode in particular turning into a close-knit community where players can learn from the best by watching others who’ve worked so hard to master the skills needed to be among the top VR duelists in the highly competitive world of Blaston,” added Castelli.  

Other notable updates included in the latest version (December Update v1.5) include improvements and expanded functionality for the recently-launched Ozo Lounge. The Ozo Lounge, where players have the ability to fist bump to join a duel and have other friends spectate the duels, is now open to all players 24/7. New customizations have also been built into the game update, including a new character, weapon, banner and platform.

To download Blaston, visit Also stay up to date with the latest features, updates and community banter by joining Blaston on Discord and following the game on Facebook and Twitter.  

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