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Boom Co by Burt’s Games Places 2nd in 2021 Global Games Pitch ahead of Kickstarter campaign

game development business platform GDBAY announced the list of winning teams with the best proposals in the Global Games Pitch ’21 (PC/Console edition) sponsored by Xsolla. Burt’s Games is proud to announce that Boom Co was named one of the three winners, placing second overall!

The announcement was made on the cusp of the pre-launch phase for the game’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in July 2021.

The Global Games Pitch is an international competition that invites independent game developers to present their upcoming titles to a vast community of peers, publishers, and potential investors.

Sponsored this year by game industry solutions provider Xsolla, the Global Games Pitch has been instrumental in helping small studios get institutional support and their game projects in front of a worldwide audience.

Boom Co has been among the top 3 games selected for the PC and Console category.

“I’m extremely happy that our team got the recognition it deserves for I see them work extremely hard on making sure the game looks good and plays well,” said Burton Wong, founder of Burt’s Games. “I would like to thank them for their contributions and I will do my best to support them to make sure their excellent work gets out there for everyone to see.”

The debut title of BURT’S GAMES, a video game development company headquartered in Hong Kong, Boom Co takes place in a vast and outlandish sci-fi universe.

A top-down aerial shooter with rogue-lite mechanics, Boom Co lets players pilot a powerful prototype ship alongside a motley assortment of intergalactic oddballs and engage in frenetic, high-octane, deep-space dogfights.

After a series of random mishaps, an unlikely hero wakes up in a distant part of the cosmos far into the future, amid an intense battle between rival factions for coin and control of a hyper-capitalist star cluster.

Unwittingly “employed” by the infamous crew runner Todd, our hero winds up, quite literally, at the helm of the Lightning Colt strike vessel, taking on myriad odd-job contracts from the feuding organizations.

Can our hero survive the extremely hazardous corporate combat and get paid enough to find a way home, or at least, get the heck out of there?

Burt’s Games is a newly established independent video game development studio headquartered in Hong Kong, comprising a tight-knit team of avid gamers and gaming enthusiasts dedicated to a shared passion for games and design.

Founded by programmer and animator Burton Wong, our studio aims to create awesome video games for PCs and consoles as well as provide players with great gameplay experiences driven by stirring stories, glorious graphics, and moving music.


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