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ThumbAge and Royal Crow announced today that it has officially started Season 1 of the free-to-play multiplayer shooter, CROWZ on PC via Steam.
During the multiple beta tests and the Early Access period, the CROWZ dev team actively implemented user feedback to improve gameplay. In particular, the team has been focusing on improving frame drops, and server lags that were pointed out many times during the Early Access phase.
Along with this, a new map suggested by many users was also added. One of the major battlefields during the closed beta, “Gray Stone,” has been added to the update after performance optimization and balance adjustment to deliver a different experience from the existing map “Sellrain Valley.” so that players can experience different strategic fun.
In the Dev Stream, which was live-streamed on the official YouTube channel, the Lead Game Designer of the CROWZ development team appeared to directly explain the changes and improvements from the Early Access version and the development direction moving forward, expressing his excitement to continue working with the global CROWZ community.
In addition, South Korea and Singapore regions were added to support a smoother gameplay environment. Other regions such as South America are also in consideration for support in the near future.
The publisher is going to conduct various in-game events with many rewards to welcome new users to ensure that new and existing users alike will experience fun gameplay.

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