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Discover Your True Purpose In Mysterious 2D Adventure Platformer Worldless

Thunderful, Coatesink & Noname Studios are excited about launching their next game, Worldless, later this year on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Worldless is a stylized, two-dimensional, action-adventure platformer where the player takes control of an infant who must learn to navigate through a world of opposites. It features a unique mechanic called “attuning” where the player learns to understand the different worlds by exploring them and discovering their polarities. Players will venture into a world where they must contend with entities with conflicting goals.

One half is fixated on the virtue of their nature, the other is seeking to exchange it for their demise. Polarities attract, leading to endless conflict, and the result of absorption is the traumatic experience of becoming one another’s very nature. Even further, instability in the game can lead to mutations that attract transcendent gameplay. You absorb enemies to gain access to new skills in an ever expanding skill tree to explore and add depth and variety to your battles. You’ll go through intricate areas full of secrets, use finesse and fluid action, and engage fierce creatures in fast-pace, turn-base action battles. Bask in an atmospheric, memorable setting that inspires and engages. And, connecting to the deeper meaning of Worldless, with a haunting but beautiful score.

Uncover unimaginable possibilities by defining the undefined and creating unique turn-base combat that focuses on action. You can jump, dash, and even walk on top of the surface of the ocean as you navigate through an abstraction in pursuit of your true nature.

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I am passionate about “Heroic Fantasy” and “Beat Them all” games on Nintendo Game System (I hate SEGA). Now that I am old, I love retro gaming, since I don’t have much time. Feels good to watch endings though…
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