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Dragon Ball Legends

I’m excited, I downloaded the new Dragon Ball Legends on Android, and here are my first impressions.

One thing we can agree on, the game is beautiful, on a smartphone that has a good display (mine in a Galaxy S9+), it is pretty impressive for a mobile game. It could be mistaken for a console game, even, if you walk by and get a glimpse of the screen, you would have to look at it twice to be sure it’s not a portable PS4.

The gameplay is a little different from the other pretty popular Dragon Ball game (Dokkan Battle) but has the same feel. The fights are active, though, meaning if you stop moving or playing, the enemy will still fight you. You have a 100 Ki that you can spend on different attack cards. It refills over time, but you can also charge it by holding the finger on the screen. It is pretty fast but leaves you open to attacks. Each character has a special ability, and once you did enough attacks, you can also launch a “Rising rush attack”. It is a powerful attack that combines all your the characters’ final blast. So the fights are pretty intense and satisfying.

The story, without spoiling, is an excuse to bring all the characters in the game. Nothing very new, except a brand new Saiyan character that looks pretty cool.

The game is free, although you know you gonna have to pay to get to a decent level or have new characters and level them up. It is up to you and how you play your games.

I’ll leave you with a little bit of gameplay, so you can see how a typical game goes. Enjoy, and have fun!

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I’m an OG, I discovered Video Games when I was a kid in the 80’s and i never stopped playing. I tried every type of games, on all consoles. My preference now is the PS4, although i have older consoles somewhere. I’m not a hardcore, i casually play, sometimes i finish the game, sometimes i just quit when i’m tired of it. I don’t look for the 100% completion, i have too many games to play. I enjoy most AAA blockbuster games, with good graphics and good stories.
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