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Explore the early ages of the classic MMORPG world of Midgard in Ragnarok Begins

Gravity Interactive has officially announced Ragnarok Begins, a brand new side-scrolling MMOG set in the land of Midgard. Taking places 100 years before the story of Ragnarok Origins, Ragnarok Begins will transport gamers back to the age of chaos and war where the worshipers of Odin and Freya were fighting each other for control of the land. In order to stop the conflict, the Pope of Arunafeldt disappeared and no one knows what happened to him. Now, it’s up to gamers to help solve the mystery and discover what lies beneath the surface of Midgard.

Ragnarok Begins features a unique blend of 2.5D side scrolling and 3D targeting mechanics. Gamers will take part in fast paced battles against hordes of monsters and powerful boss encounters. Combat takes advantage of the touch screen controls allowing for easy aiming and movement. Ragnarok Begins also includes a variety of weapons and armor to equip your character with. From swords to bows, magic spells to shields, Ragnarok Begins offers something for everyone.The main storyline of Ragnarok Begins revolves around the missing Pope of Arunafeildt who vanished without a trace. While investigating his whereabouts, gamers will encounter various factions vying for power in the land of Midgaard. These factions include the followers of Odin, Freya, and others.

By completing quests and defeating enemies, gamers will gain experience points and level up to unlock new skills and abilities. Once they’ve completed enough quests, gamers will be able to enter the Arena of Valhalla where they’ll face off against other adventurers in a series of matches. Ragnarok Begins also allows for seamless switching between PC and mobile platforms so gamers can continue their adventures wherever they happen to be.To learn more about Ragnarok Begins, please check out the official website here. Ragnarok Begins is currently scheduled to release this winter. For more information on the title, please follow the developer on twitter @GravityInteractive and


  • Action-Packed Gameplay: 2.5D side-scrolling reminiscent of Ragnarok Online blends with MMORPG non-targeting and brawling elements for a brand new experience.
  • A Fantastical Story: Explore the early ages of Midgard 100 years before the events of Ragnarok Online. Witness the chaos that unfolds when the Pop of Arunafeltz disappears sending worshippers of both Odin and Freya into panic.
  • Ranked PVP Battles: Put your skills to the test in the Arena of Valhalla. Go toe to toe in ranked battles against other players for ultimate bragging rights.
  • Plethora of PvE Content: Take down server-wide world bosses working alongside other players to earn rewards, collect items and resources on the Poring Island, or take on relentless waves of enemies in the Endless Tower.
  • ​​​​​​​Emotes and Emoticons: Express yourself! Emotes and Emoticonsare included for players to interact with other players.

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