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Fairy Knights Comes to Nintendo eShop Tomorrow!

The game is a unique mix of puzzle and RPG featuring the heroic tale of a boy and a girl in the pastel-colored world.
● A great quest unfolds in the barren kingdom
In Fairy Knights, players start the adventure in Kingdom of Vadelle, a desert nation under the Devil’s threat. Just like how RPG is played, players need to gather clues to their destination by talking to NPCs and exploring unknown regions. Fight your way through monsters to the desert, woods, temples, and many more.
Fairy Knights’ battle system is based on the pipe puzzle. The puzzle is solved by moving around pipes engraved in stone panels. Connecting two entrances, or making a circuit, will destroy stone panels, which decides the action characters will take on the enemy. BP gauge will speed up the battle as it recharges quickly after your turn is over.
The more stone panels are destroyed, the stronger the attack gets. Also, making combos enables chain attack. Both moves consume considerable BP in return for high damage, so players must be careful in choosing the action.
Dive into the tale of friendship, will, and courage on Thursday, April 30 via Nintendo eShop. A 20% discount is offered on Fairy Knights until May 13 (Wed).

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