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Fluz: A New Way to Save on Video Games

Clipping coupons and gift cards for video games in this day and age might be viable but extremely outdated and time-consuming. You would even agree that coupons are just waste of paper and amounts to climate change in the long term. Candidly, most coupons and flyer books scarcely make it through the exit before they are thrown away in recycle bins.

Ok, let us get a bit nostalgic, you remember the Air Miles reward cards that were an obsession ten years ago? Times are changing but our love for savings is not yet thrown out of the window. The replacement is cashback and reward apps like Fluz that can be used in-store and online, to purchase video games for your console be it on Best Buy, X Box, Walmart, GameStop, Amazon and many more participating retailers on the Fluz platform.

Although these reward programs are not new, they are most certainly reinventing the market. What has clearly changed is how we secure deals on savings and cash back but what remains a constant is the consumer’s eye for a great deal.

The Fluz App cashback and reward app promotes saving money from purchases through an interactive and income generating approach as its gives rewards, network building modules and consumerism. Fluz has gradually been coming up as a solid and revolutionary cashback app gaining huge momentum in the market in 2020. The app is 100% free and anyone can get it on Google Play Store or Apple Store.The app facilitates its members to earn an automatic cashback from any of their purchases be it any video games of their choice from the in house retailers on the Fluz platform.

Once you make a purchase from any of its wide variety of participating retailers in the gaming industry on the platform using a funded Fluz account from a Visa or Mastercard, cash is seamlessly credited to your account  and can be withdrawn to a PayPal account or a linked bank account.

You can also passively earn from referrals of friends and family, while the whole module trickles down, thus making a decent percentage off their cashback when they too purchase video games or goods and services through the Fluz app. As the Fluz app continues to amass more enthusiasts, more businesses will get on board, providing even more redeemable features and options in the future.
Notwithstanding, third-party apps like Fluz being available on the market with zero formal affiliation to participating retailers, more businesses are getting savvy with ideas on how to attract customers who want to save money. In most cases, these deals you find on Fluz, are combined with sales from other apps thus doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your savings on some video games.

Steps on using Fluzpay:
-On the checkout page, you will scroll down to ‘Pay with GameStop Gift Card’
-Then enter your Fluzpay code and PIN. Click ‘Apply.’
-The total amount will be deducted from your balance.
Also Note: PayPal is not viable as a payment method when using Fluz
-On the checkout page, click ‘Gift Cards and Trade Credit.’
-Then enter your Fluzpay code and PIN. You will then click the download button beside PIN.
-The total amount will be deducted from your Fluz account balance.
Also Note: PayPal is not a viable payment method when using Fluzpay.
-During checkout, inform the cashier that you are paying with a gift card.
-Show your Fluzpay barcode and PIN for scanning.
-The total amount will be deducted from your balance.

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