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Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto chugs its way onto Nintendo Switch this Spring

Dispatch Games announced today that Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto is scheduled to release in spring of 2020 on Nintendo SwitchTM– It will be available in both digital and packaged form for the North American market.

Take a trip through the beautiful city of Kyoto in this photo realistic gaming experience. “We are excited to bring another unique gaming experience into our portfolio.” said Brian Schorr, Founder of Dispatch Games. “Dispatch Games prides itself in bringing over unique titles from Japan and Sonic Powered have crafted the latest title in the Japanese Rail Sim series perfectly.”

About the game – densha, densha and more densha!
The Japanese Rail Sim series is now available on Nintendo Switch! Experience a full-fledged train driving experience with real images in Kyoto with all the beautiful autumn colors!

  • The stage is Kyoto’s popular local line Eizan Railway which is dyed in autumn colors.
  • Enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves with the latest live-action video.

Full line recording, and new vehicles are included!
There are two lines -the Kurama Line and the Eizan Line. You can drive all routes in both directions – up and down.

  • In addition, the latest sightseeing train Hiei also appears in this game!
  • The observation train Kirara is also included.
  • You can experience driving while enjoying the difference in driving sensation between train types.

Full of elements to enjoy driving and travel!
The Guidebook introduces sightseeing spots along the line in an easy-to-understand manner. There are plenty of new elements such as achievements to test your driving skills! Who is the best driver? A new driving guide has been added, so even beginners can enjoy driving with ease. Powerful live-action video, complete with the full line recordings add new elements to further enjoy the driving and travel experience!

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