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Lost Memories Chapter 2 Released on September 4th!

Uncharted Water Online brings new adventures to its players with the arrival of Lost Memories Chapter 2!

For the first time in the game, players will now be able to encounter and battle the phantom monster known as the Leviathan in its Seas of Wonders! While fighting this monster may resemble the usual sea battles, it is a powerful foe and players are advised to rely on their speed and work as a team to defeat it.

Another new feature is the “Ship Decors”, various decorations to personalize a ship, ranging from mast top flags to anchors and more. Players can even create Ship Decors using materials they obtained from defeating a Leviathan!

Besides the new contents, Lost Memories Chapter 2 also brings a new plot in Episode “Wonder Seeker” with Mina’s search for the legendary island Antilia, as well as new Seas of Wonders, new ships, and new quests and discoveries.

Uncharted Waters Online is a free-to-play online MMORPG for Windows operating systems. It is accessed through a game client and requires an Internet connection to play.

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