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In their latest blog post, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have revealed that Tazeem, the majestic jungle continent on the plane of Zendikar, will be featured in Magic: Legends. Tazeem joins other locales from the iconic Magic: The Gathering Multiverse, such as the rolling plains of Benalia, and the volcanic islands of the Shiv region – both located on the plane of Dominaria.

From the flowing rivers that the Merfolk call home, to the towering jungle treeline teeming with wildlife, and mystical hedrons both in the sky and scattered across the jungle floor – the gorgeous continent of Tazeem contains many breathtaking vistas. The wide range of lighting results in bioluminescent jungle floors and glorious views where the sun peaks through the thick jungle canopy. More insights into the Tazeem region can be found in these debut screenshots found in the newest blog post, which show the rich landscapes found in this particular region of Zendikar

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Best solution for Video WordPress sites
Best solution for Video WordPress sites

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