NES Music Orchestrated – Castlevania – Stage 01 ( Vampire Killer )

NES Music Orchestrated – Castlevania – Stage 01 ( Vampire Killer ) This is one of many tracks from the first classic NES game Castlevania (watch the end). I try to stay as true to the original as possible to capture the feel of the original game, but improve the realism with modern Orchestral Sample librairies.

The main librairies I use in my remakes are: East West – Hollywood Orchestra Gold Orchestral Tools – Metropolis Ark 1 Native Instruments – Symphony Essentials Strings Performance Samples – Caspian Brass Musical Sampling – Soaring Strings and Trailer Brass Impact Soundwork – Rhapsody Orchestral Percussions Soundiron – Apocalypse Percussion Elements Versilian Studios – Etheralwind Harp II 8 Dio – Majestica If you have any question about the sample librairies or other topics, don’t hesitate to comment.

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