New Gameplay Trailer for Ourea, a hand-painted puzzle game

Rewrite Games, an indie development team in TU Dublin’s School of Media has announced they are releasing their game Ourea, on Steam and on July 21st.  

Ourea is a Cinematic Puzzle game about discovering the harrowing past of a long-forgotten world. Play as the last of the Oreads and unravel the mysterious history of your people.  

The Oreads are an extinct race who brought upon their own demise by abusing their environment. The narrative echoes through to our own world and highlights the importance of the current climate crisis and the difficult decisions facing the population in the coming decades.   

Speaking about the narrative, Tom Eustace, Design Lead at Rewrite Games said: “We feel that it is very important to anchor our narrative in a theme that easily relates to any individual so as to deliver an impactful story that stays with the player long after they are finished playing the game.” 

Ourea utilises handcrafted cinematic moments throughout the entirety of the game to enhance the environmental storytelling throughout. This is accompanied by hand-painted textures created for each model in the game. 

In March, Ourea was very well received at Games Fleadh, Ireland’s leading Game Design Event. The team took home “Best Game Built using a Game Engine” and “Best in Social Impact” at the awards against 32 other teams.

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