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PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME beta test is out

Netmarble, a developer and publisher of video games, has announced the start of the second Closed Beta Test (CBT) for PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME on PlayStation 5. The CBT will take place from today until January 8 in the United States, Europe, and Russia. Players who are interested can register for the beta on the PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME website to gain access.

The new CBT includes three new heroes from the PC version: Morigesh, Yin, and MARTY. Based on player feedback, the upcoming CBT will have several changes, such as an alternate D-pad layout for more flexible control, an auto-purchase feature for in-game items, and various improvements to the UI and camera movements used by the controller.

Participating in the Closed Beta Test will grant players Grux’s winter skin “Red Nosed,” special emotes, and 100 Kima, which will be transferred to the live game. Five winter 2022 skins will also be given to participants during the second week of the CBT. Additional rewards are planned to commemorate the new year.

To commemorate the game’s one-year Early Access, all players, including those on PC, will receive Grux’s Special winter skin “Red Nosed.” Additionally, the Agnis of Light will be adorned with a winter theme for the year-end season, with the addition of five holiday skins.

PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME is a free team-based game that can be played on PC and PlayStation 5. It involves 5v5 gameplay where players work together to conquer the Prime battlefield. The game focuses on strategic actions and fast-paced battles between two teams. Players can select from a variety of powerful heroes with unique skills, including Warrior, Support, Ranger, Caster, Tank, and Assassin.

To stay informed about PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME news and updates, please visit the official brand website, join the Discord community, add it to your PlayStation 5 wishlist, and follow on Twitter.

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