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Rhythm Fighter’s Newest Hero Is the Courier Pengu

Rhythm Fighter’s newest hero — the Courier Pengu — is here, available to play with today’s free new update on Steam. A selfless full-time dad and part-time messenger, the Courier Pengu is equipped with special aerial skills and bears, err… perhaps a passing resemblance to another recent AAA delivery-based character.

Developed by echo games and published by Coconut Island Games, Rhythm Fighter is a roguelike action beat ‘em up in which you’ve got to follow the beat to defeat your enemies. Commander Chaos has used dark Beat Energy to turn Earth’s vegetables into evil minions, but our planet’s heroes have mastered a way to save the world — as long as they follow the beat! Choose from a variety of characters, each with their own weapons, skills and style, and move, roll and attack in time to the music. Just remember though: you’ve only got one life!

The Rhythm Fighter team has also collaborated with the makers of the indie rhythm game MUSYNXRhythm Fighter players will find new weapons and items in game inspired by MUSYNX, while MUSYNX will feature a new playable song from Rhythm Fighter.

Rhythm Fighter is available now on Steam for PC and Mac. It is expected to release later this year on Nintendo Switch.

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