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RPG ‘Wild Life’ On PC Aims To Bring X-Rated Gaming

Indie game developer and publisher Candy Valley Network is proud to announce the release of a sizzling hot playable demo and the kickoff of a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming adult-only survival RPG, Wild Life, currently in development exclusively for PC with an official release date pending. Wild Life offers a groundbreaking single-player experience and challenges you to survive and thrive in a mysterious world full of dangers and unexpected sensual attractions.

Wild Life is an open-world PC-RPG taking place in the land of Kerpal, a lush land full of temptations, mesmerizing jungles, waterfalls, steep canyons and sandy beaches. You play as protagonist Max, a scientist and explorer tasked with examining the environment on his quest to discover its wonders and secrets, but danger lurks everywhere, and you must be careful as you uncover the truth about its past and impending future. Meet new people as you play and join in the Fest of Friendship, an old fun tradition of festivities and enjoyable activities. Maya is a descendant of the planet’s inhabitants who survived the crash of a colonist ship eons ago, and together you must adventure into the unknown.

Wild Life is an adult-only RPG offering the opportunity to engage in visually stunning combat and even more stunning erotic interactions, with details never seen before in a gaming environment. With its rich, immersive encounters the game seeks to break the mold on X-rated content in gaming. As Max and Maya explore Kerpal, players simultaneously experience the desires of the lead characters, driving their interactions with a diverse cast of characters, both human and animalistic. Players can experience the interactive erotic scenes, engaging Max, and Maya in a varied range of activities.

The team behind Wild Life are currently seeking funds to further the development and have kicked off a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter and Patreon to bring the project to full production. As development continues, the game is available on Patreon for PC play in two modes, Demo and Sandbox. Patreon community members gain access to various aspects of the game in development by contributing to the process. The team hopes to launch mainstream and worldwide.

Says Christian Wagenfeldt, CEO of Candy Valley Network: “Our aim with Wild Life is not only to create a top-notch gaming experience but also revolutionize the way the mainstream gaming market thinks of and interacts with adult content. We’re excited to bring this tantalizing, immersive experience to the public-at-large very soon, giving them the chance to experience gaming in a pulse-pounding way they’ve never experienced before.”

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