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ScourgeBringer launches today on PC, Switch and Xbox One

Developer Flying Oak Games and publisher Dear Villagers (Recompile) just announced that the hit rogue-lite platformer ScourgeBringer launches today at 16:00 CEST on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Game Pass for Console and PC, Epic, GOG and launches out of Steam Early Access (PC, Mac, Linux) with a major launch content update.

Launch Update for Steam Early Access Version
ScourgeBringer hit the Steam top 20 bestseller charts when it entered Early Access back in February and has received a host of major updates over the past 8 months, all of which are present in the launch version of the game across all platforms. On 21st October the game gets a major 1.0 launch update including the new realm “The Beyond”, a new post-game mode called “Chaos Roots”, secret rooms, revamped systems, an updated story, blessings, minis bosses and more. You can find the full launch update details here

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