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Size Five Games announces shock secret SECOND game, to be released alongside ‘Lair of the Clockwork God’

As every competent Indie Developer knows, launching a game is an extremely stressful process, and that only a complete idiot would attempt to launch TWO games at the exact same time.

Well, hold onto your trousers because here comes full-time idiot and indie developer Dan Marshall, shock-announcing a surprise new video game a week before the release of his upcoming point-and-click-meets-indie-platformer epic “Lair of the Clockwork God“.

Devil’s Kiss is a hilarious and sexually-enticing visual novel following alluring teenage heroes Dan and Ben, who meet at high school and promptly uncover a vast, horny conspiracy involving some demons.

“I am so tired”, lamented Size Five Games‘ director Dan Marshall. “This seemed like a funny and clever idea down the pub three years ago, but right now it’s the absolute stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Getting one game ready to go is torment enough, doing two feels like my insides have gone outside.”

Devil’s Kiss” will retail for $2 but will be bundled up FREE OF CHARGE with every purchase of ‘Lair of the Clockwork God’.

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