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Iris Yuma Joins Anime Action-MMO SoulWorker in New Seasonal Summer Update!

Leading western publisher Gameforge and South Korean game developer Lion Games today welcomes an all-new character to their popular free-to-play anime action MMO, SoulWorker, for Windows PC. Graceful in appearance and brimming with rude attitude, wrathful bazooka girl Iris Yuma was born to shine and give her enemies hell. Players can now choose from a total of six characters, each featuring distinct combat styles, unique weapons and their own combos!

Experienced players can download today’s SoulWorker update to play as Iris and take part in the new action-packed Turbulent Beach Holiday summer event, featuring a host of new exclusive items to unlock and a summer-themed dungeon to conquer.

A Short Fuse with a Big Bang 

At the age of 18, Iris, alongside her ally Erwin Arclight, is amongst the oldest of the SoulWorkers — a group of warriors with emotions so strong that they’re able to manifest them into powerful weapons. The elegant yet formidable Iris comes from a background of privilege, though she traded her silver spoon for the mighty Hammer Stol — a bazooka cannon that’s respected by her peers and feared by foes. After losing her parents to the evil known as The Great Void, her SoulForce awakened. Who’s that girl? Iris is that girl.

As with all the other SoulWorkers, Iris manifests her weapon from the characteristic emotion driving her. In her case, uncontrollable rage. Iris’ wrath grants her access to breathtaking combat power for powerful AOE (Area of Effect) attacks against droves of enemies. Select Iris as the playable Hammer Stol character class in SoulWorker starting today!

Exclusive Items and a Dungeon for Feisty Fights

Today’s SoulWorker update also kicks off a series of special events. Exclusive equipment for new playable character Iris can now be earned for the completion of specific quests. Today also marks the start of the Turbulent Beach Holiday summer event. Get into the summer mood by exploring a new seasonally-inspired dungeon with unique environments and monsters! Best its challenges to unlock loot and prizes.

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