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The Frosts: First Ones’ Offering A Chilling Exploration Adventure On STEAM

Indie game developer Ivan Sukhanov is proud to announce August 31st as the worldwide release date for The Frosts: First Ones, a chilling PC-exclusive adventure and exploration game available via STEAM™, in which you must explore an unknown wilderness and land in search of your missing friend. Inspired by the award-winning fiction writer Clifford D. Simak, The Frosts: First Ones offers a compelling adventure with a surprising twist of alien beings.

The Frosts: First Ones is a single-player game where you play the part of Berak, a seasoned and experienced hunter living a secluded life on the edge of the forest. One day, your good neighbor Cilla turns to you, heartbroken and in despair. Her husband Hendrik – your best friend – has gone missing, and not returned from a wilderness trip that started more than a week ago. His family is desperate to find out what has happened. To survive in the harsh and dangerous bitter-cold environment, Hendrik might have taken shelter or refuge in a cave somewhere; perhaps he has fallen ill, had an accident or been hurt or attacked … It is your task to unravel the mystery of his whereabouts and ensure his safe return.

The Frosts: First Ones is a chilling adventure and exploration game full of surprises. Traverse into the unknown lands and search for clues and follow the trails of your friend. Explore the wild nature of the lush environment and solve puzzles to overcome obstacles blocking your path. Expect the unexpected as you encounter a wolf, cure a deer, lure out a boar, survive a rockfall and meet strange creatures of unknown origin… Where does the Windy Ravine lead too? What is the meaning of the supernatural spirit trees? What dwells in the ice caves? How do you fight the prehistoric beast?

The Frosts: First Ones is a great debut adventure by an experienced industry professional, offering a fun and challenging adventure exploration game with unique gameplay elements and a surprising plot. The game is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels and is a great addition to any fans of the genre.

The Frosts: First Ones will be available via STEAM

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