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Medieval, management, strategy: The Unexpected Quest announced

PQube and developer Rionix are excited to announce The Unexpected Quest! Inspired by classics such as Warcraft III and The Settlers, The Unexpected Quest combines adventure and exploration with management elements in a medieval fantasy setting.

You can already find and wishlist the game on Steam, where it is set to release later this year! You can also download the demo on the same page, and try a few of the chapters!


Send your units off to sprawling forests, buoyant bayous and snow-capped mountains as you discover all sorts of creatures – some friend, some foe!


Classic production buildings like sawmills and forges are essential to developing your town and resources, while quest-specific structures like bridges make for a nice variation!


Search the world around you for the appropriate materials and manage your food, gold and wood supplies to expand your kingdom and prepare for quests!


Hire experienced soldiers, upgrade their equipment and let them defend what you have built or search for magic items and other treasures!

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