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Rule everywhere with Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch™ Edition!
For the first time in series’ history, Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch™ Edition brings the beloved dictator sim to the Nintendo Switch™ family of consoles.

Play as ‘El Presidente’ – feared dictator or peace-loving statesman of the great island nation of Tropico and complete a variety of challenges on the international stage through four distinctive eras. Keep your wits handy and let your decisions write you as a true tyrant or symbol of freedom for the people.

Optimized for on-the-go and docked play, Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch™ Edition includes all original Tropico 6 game content and free updates, plus a brand-new palace design, the glamorous Flamingo Pond accessory, and a Tourist outfit for El Presidente’ – perfect for spying… err, keeping a close eye on fellow Tropicans.

Manage extensive archipelagos, build bridges to connect islands and explore new means of transportation and infrastructure. As Tropico’s watchful leader, focus on furnishing a personal island paradise or bring the world to you and send specialist task forces on raids to ‘acquire’ your nation iconic world monuments such as the Statue of Liberty, Brandenburg Gate, Eiffel Tower and more!


  • Optimized for Nintendo Switch™, rule Tropico from the comfort of your living room or on-the-go
  • Play on large archipelagos for the first time in the series, managing multiple islands while adapting to a variety of new challenges
  • Send specialist presidential task forces to raid foreign lands, steal world wonders and bolster your personal collection
  • Construct bridges and tunnels to connect your islands and build up a robust transport infrastructure of buses, taxis, and aerial cable cars to ensure freedom of movement for your citizens
  • Customize your presidential palace with a variety of unique accessories and facades
  • Make use of a revised research system and focus on becoming the world’s greatest dictator or a free-thinking man of the people
  • Wrestle for power with an assortment of far-fetched election speeches and promises, all of which you cannot possibly hope to keep

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