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Abrakadaboom early access is out!

Need to blow off some steam? Need a good laugh with your buddies? Then Abrakadaboom frenzied local multiplayer battles are for you! So take a look at our latest gameplay trailer and come make things go BOOM! After a minor setback due to an issue beyond our control, Abrakadaboom is finally available on Steam Early Access.

“We disclaim any liability for food stains, spilled drink or any other kind of damage done to your couch while playing Abrakadaboom!” Alex, sorcerer at Argonauts Studios.

Argonauts Studios wants to remind potential buyers that while the game is already pretty stable, playable and fun, with various game modes, local multiplayer and many arenas, this is an Early Access version of the game that doesn’t contain all the features planned.
While full release is currently planned for the end of the year, the Early Access period will be used, among other things, to add online multiplayer and more content, improve the bots, tweak the game balance and of course fix the remaining bugs.

“As a two-man team, launching the game in Early Access is important to us. We are really looking forward to gamers’ feedback and making the game even better in the coming months!”  Laurent, sorcerer at Argonauts Studios.

Buy the game now and benefit from the early bird discount!

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