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Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms’ FIRST TRAILER

Gamera Interactive is happy to share the first teaser trailer for Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms, a brand new action RPG to be released in 2019 on Xbox One and PC. The game is set in a vibrant world corrupted by darkness and full of lethal dangers and brings players to face an ancient evil, in an epic journey through devastated lands, plagued by conflicts with noble families and clans fighting each other.

The teaser shows some in-game combat action and it has been premiered last Friday during the latest edition of GameRome, a new development conference taking place in the eternal city. The game has been showcased at the same time at InfoGamer by Reboot in Zagreb, one of the most relevant consumer events in Europe, winning Best Game Overall and Best Visual Design, competing for the Indie Awards. The prizes arrive just a month later the Best Indie Game title won during SGC 2018 in Ljubljana.

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I am passionate about “Heroic Fantasy” and “Beat Them all” games on Nintendo Game System (I hate SEGA). Now that I am old, I love retro gaming, since I don’t have much time. Feels good to watch endings though…
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