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Amcrest 4K webcam (AWC897) is The Real Deal

In an era where the gaming industry is flourishing immensely, there is a dire need to use the latest tech and equipment in order to survive and thrive. To all the gamers out there who are looking for webcams that will give the best quality source video, your hunt ends here. You do not even have to buy a microphone separately to run your stream. Amcrest 4k Webcam comes in with a built-in microphone that works just fine even in the noisiest environment.

Let’s take a deeper look into all the features that this deal-breaker webcam offers us:

  1. Video Quality

Amcret’s AWC897 webcam offers a 4K UltraHD video. It utilizes a ⅓ 4K CMOS image sensor and covers a wide-angle of 75°. These kinds of cams are good for webinars and video conferencing and even better for live streaming when playing games.

  1. Built-in Microphone

Therefore, the best part of this webcam is that you don’t need a separate microphone. It comes with a built-in noise-reducing microphone, superior stereo audio, which allows for clear and natural sound recording.

  1. USB 2.0 Plug & Play

The USB 2.0 plug and play feature allow us to connect our desktop to the camera via any USB2.0 cable. Its platform compatibility is very vast – Windows, Windows 10, Mac OS, and Android, all of them are compatible with this webcam. This means that you can connect over these apps in no time – Skype, Youtube, Android IPTV, Zoom, Windows Live@Messager, Twitch, Discord, and many more.

  1.  Privacy Cover

The most unique feature of this webcam is that it comes with a privacy cover. As we all know that we are not safe on the internet. Any expert hacker can enter into our system and can spy on us using our webcam. Amcrest 4K HD Webcam comes with a Privacy Cover that covers your webcam when not in use.

  1. Place anywhere you want

One of the main reasons for purchasing a separate webcam is the versatility they provide. The Amcrest Webcam comes with a mounting clip and ¼-tripod thread so that you can use it on just about any surface and at any position.

  1. 1-Year Warranty

Amcrest 4k (8 Megapixel) HD webcam has a full 1-year US Warranty and Lifetime Support provided directly from Amcrest.

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