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iCUE NEXUS Companion Touch Screen

This is an era of sublime inventions and technology. We come across countless thrilling gadgets every day that make our lives better. Well, we’ll be highlighting one of those gadgets in this article. For tech nerds and simple desktop users, Corsair has introduced an amazing product.

iCUE Nexus is mainly a small touch screen console introduced by Corsair. The device mainly offers a customizable interface to the user which can be used in multiple ways. iCUE Nexus Screen is about 5 inches wide with a USB connectivity option. It can be attached with special Corsair gaming keyboards and can be placed independently as well. Let’s have a look at its features.

iCUE Nexus Features:

iCUE Nexus Software:

iCUE Nexus offers a completely customizable touch screen with a variety of options with it. All the customization can be done by its special software offered by Corsair. The device can be customized in several ways using the software. Firstly, it can be used to control your PC applications and games.


The iCUE Nexus offers superior graphics and color schemes. The user can customize and use more than 200 customized windows on this device. The windows change with a single swipe on the screen. Each window up to six virtual buttons that offer different functionalities.

Device Settings:

iCUE Nexus offers multiple functionalities to its users. The user can easily access and alter Corsair iCUE compatible device functionalities like mouse sensitivity, RGB settings, and many more. All of this can be done without accessing the iCUE Nexus software.  

System Monitoring:

Here is another useful feature. The user can monitor his system performance on a real-time basis with iCUE Nexus, as it outputs different factors like RAM, temperature, load, and others on its screen. This makes the user conveniently view system stats. It also notifies for factors like voltage disruptions and similar ones.

Game Controlling:

As an addition to the features of this device, the user can also control game actions. It only requires some customization and setting up at first, using the software.


The iCUE Nexus is a wonderful device with amazing features but with a price like $90-100 for a small device, the users mostly end up changing their decisions. Although the features make it worth buying but still, the price needs to lessen a bit.

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