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The adventure continues for mobile role-playing game (RPG) fans as Netmarble Corp. announced a major update for its popular anime-inspired mobile RPG Knights Chronicle with an all-new second season of content for players to experience and enjoy.

Starting today, players can get a sneak peek at Knights Chronicle’s new story adventures on the Ancient Race, the Dryans, with the addition of two Dryan heroes to collection – Tyrione and Pierina. Fan-favorites heroes, such as Damian (leader of the White Knights) and Ashley (Dark Knights leader) can also experience Awakenings, which increases the statistics of both characters and adds passive skills achieving maximum Awakening level. Damian and Ashley’s appearance also changes with the Awakening.

Other updates coming to Knights Chronicle include:

  • Apocalypse Level for Pierina’s Advent Dungeon – Starting today, players can engage against the SSR-grade heroine Pierina’s special Advent Dungeon with A new Apocalypse difficulty level and use only half the needed stamina for two weeks.
  • Epic Quest ‘Meril’ Update – Meril’s epic quest has been updated so that players can earn a SSR-grade costume for Meril upon completion
  • Heroic Windmill Update – Starting today, players can transform any redundant SSR-grade heroes into a randomly generated SSR-grade hero

Knights Chronicle celebrates the update and gives out abundant update. Players can acquire Max level ★6 Damian, and receive 5 Grade SSR heroes just attending the game.

Knights Chronicle features classic turn-based role-playing gameplay, a beautiful Japanese animation-inspired art style and a compelling story showing the same standard of quality as console and PC RPGs. The game also sports standout features, including real-time party play where players can form parties of up to five players to challenge multiplayer dungeons, explosive 3D-animated skills that demonstrate the game’s flashy and gorgeously detailed visuals, and over 100 heroes for players to choose from.

Knights Chronicle is available now in 140 countries. For more information on Knights Chronicle, please visit

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